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The Gryphon Lounge is a creative agency
that combines ideas and insights with
design and digital technology to help brands
create better human experiences.

Better Human Experiences (HX)
means looking beyond commercial needs
to understand and meet human desires


The Gryphon combines the speed, agility and
vision of the eagle, with the strength, courage,
and majesty of the lion.

1 + 1 = 3

insights + ideas

creativity + relevance

design + digital

= better human experiences

People create brand perceptions all the time
based on every interaction they have with a brand, its touch-points,
products and services, and what they hear from others.



Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. It is the sum of all engagements consumers have with your brand, at every touchpoint – directly or indirectly. We’ll help you shape the right perceptions and conversations around your brand – so customers have the best experiences.



Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care? We will design not just your visual identity, but your voice as well. Brand identity is tangible and appeals to the senses. Brand identity fuels recognition, amplifies your assets, and makes you accessible.



People have an innate desire to build relationships, not just with other people, but communities, groups and brands. We’ll help you create content, based on strategic imperatives designed to drive engagement with your brand. Your audience should be able to see your brand, touch it, feel it and hear it.



We will create interest in your products and services by using evolving digital techniques to develop and qualify potential leads and providing your sales team with valuable customer profiles.



We develop campaigns seamlessly integrated on relevant platforms that go beyond basic communications tools. This includes communication to all stakeholders, including horizontal, vertical, internal, and external using the right platforms.



This would be one of the most useful tools in your marketing arsenal. We can help you use social media correctly, so that you can develop strong personal connections and relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Let’s create meaningful human experiences..

What do people desire?
A sense of belonging, identity, more knowledge, better connections,
the ability to create and above all – freedom.

We look at audiences to find out what human experiences (HX) they seek. Then we address these fundamental human needs through engagement via brand experiences on relevant media platforms and activations. While we do this, we look also at how we can maximise your brands functional and transactional needs through these customer experience (CX) in order to convert people into customers and brand ambassadors.

In this way, we are able to deliver meaningful brand experiences that build relevance and value for customers, employees and partners.

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Talk to us
Contact :
Leon – 083 379 2359


14 Eglin Rd, Eglin Office Park
3rd Floor ,Sunninghill
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